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Calling All Children and Young People in Stockport – We Need Your Help!

Have your voice heard by those who can make changes happen


SOS 2021 campaign

Create a piece of work to be displayed through our SOS campaign 2021 and upcoming events to visualise and influence those in power and stamp out stigma!

  • Beacon Counselling want to empower the Children and Young People of Stockport. The current situation is hard for everyone but even more so on the children and young people of our borough. Beacon Counselling have been nominated as Stockport Mayor’s Charity of the Year and we want to use this opportunity to give children and young people a voice.  

    We will be holding a variety of events in spring 2021 (virtual or restrictions permitting in person) with the Mayor of Stockport to raise fund and awareness for Beacon Counselling.  These events will be attended by politicians, NHS Commissioners and other influential people, therefore we want to use this opportunity to enable the children and young people of Stockport to have their voices in mental health heard by those that can make the changes needed. 

    During the events and through our social media platforms we intend to display art work created by the children and young people of Stockport reflecting what mental health means to them, what they want to see change in the services and what they do to maintain good mental health. How the work is created and what is reflected is solely down to the individual child or young person, it is their voice to be heard not ours.  

    There will be prizes to be won too! 

    To do this we are asking you to create/design a piece of work that can be displayed or shown during the events to visualise and influence those in power.

    We would love to see drawings, paintings, photographs, clay models, videos, stop motion, in fact any method of creativity you would like to use to express one of the following:

      • What do you do to keep calm?
      • What do you do to keep smiling inside and outside?
      • What makes you happy?
      • One thing you would change to make you happier
      • What do you do to take care of your own mental health?
      • What needs to change in Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services?
      • What challenges do young people face that effects their mental health?
      • What does mental health recovery mean to you?

    Download the SOS 2021 PDF for:

    Stamp Out Stigma Primary School children 2021

    Stamp Out Stigma Secondary School children 2021

    Submit work to: [email protected]

    Include: Name, Age & School

    Deadline: EXTENDED TO 30TH APRIL 2021 

Support Beacon Counselling by donating £2 with your entry

Beacon Counselling exists to improve mental health and well-being for children, young people and adults in Stockport & surrounding areas. Participating in this activity is free, but if you can, please donate £2 to Beacon Counselling with your entry to help us continue our work

Please text BEACON2 to 70450, or alternatively visit

Thank you kindly for supporting our work

Texts cost £2 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £2 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text “BEACONNOINFO2” to 70450

Art work may also be used for Beacon Counselling marketing purposes

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