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Nexperia Manchester joins SOS Campaign

Beacon Counselling are empowering the Children and Young People of Stockport to #StampOutStigma and raise awareness for mental health with #SOS 2021.

Nexperia Manchester employees and their households have joined Beacon with our #SOS campaign, promoting wellbeing during the pandemic and lockdowns. Through the campaign, Nexperia households have been sharing what they have been doing to look after their mental wellbeing.

“The #stampoutstigma campaign was welcomed at Nexperia, it helped raise money for Beacon Counselling which is a great cause that is close to many of our employees hearts and especially important in these times. Additionally, the campaign helped connect employees in a time where we are all working from home, it helped bring a social element back to work that a lot of the employees appreciated.” Nexperia Employee

The current situation is hard for everyone. #SOS is a campaign to Stamp Our Sigma on mental health in young people and children, with the opportunity to give young people a voice. Beacon Counselling have been asking individuals what they do to make them happy and how they are looking after their wellbeing during this time.  Beacon have been nominated as Stockport Mayor’s Charity of the Year and raising funds to support the provision of essential mental health services in Stockport & surrounding areas. Find out More: 

Nexperia SOSNexperia SOSNexperia SOSNexperia SOSNexperia SOSNexperia SOS

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