Our Impact Report 2020

We are pleased to publish our Impact Report for 2020.


The pandemic and lockdowns put many people into complete isolation and many jobs at risk, consequently putting huge pressure on mental health and resilience. Beacon had a clear role to play during the pandemic; helping people stay mentally well and recovering when mental health suffered.

We responded immediately to adapt all services to remote delivery. The office team worked around the clock to understand how to make this possible; investing in and utilising existing technology and amending and improving administration and safeguarding procedures. Counsellors tested new procedures, and as a whole, the entire organisation took the leap to adapt to remote work.

What this meant for clients was that each person’s therapy continued without pause. For people waiting for assessment there was a slightly longer wait, but the procedures there were tested and worked….Read More

Download our Impact Report HEREBeacon Counselling Impact Report 2020





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