Stockport Business Awards ‘Best Not For Profit’ Winner

It is with pleasure that we announce…..

Beacon Counselling is the Best Not-For-Profit Organisation Winner at Stockport Business Awards 2021.

“We are so incredibly amazed by the team this past year, and it’s because of their passion and dedication that Beacon receive this award – both humbled and honoured!”
“I am so proud of Beacon, and especially of everyone who works there, this wonderful award is a recognition of the amazing work of every worker and volunteer at Beacon, and of the thousands of people you helped last year and this. Thanks so much to you all”  James Harper, Chief Executive

At Beacon,  we believe that everyone should have an equal chance of good emotional well-being.  We are a user led organisation, with people with lived experience working throughout the service. We build strong connections with the people, and empower them to continue benefiting from the help we provide in the long term.   Our way of working also gives people the tools to deal with challenges in the future, building resilience at the individual level.

We provide affordable and accessible support to anyone who comes to us for help, with specialist support for the most vulnerable groups in our community – children leaving care, children at risk of exploitation, those with severe disabilities, and those who are actively suicidal. We have a track record of reducing levels of stress, anxiety, and depression and of improving relationships at work and at home. In addition, we work with more complex and severe problems including abuse, trauma, domestic violence and complex bereavement.After a tough year, our successful bid for COVID emergency funding remedied a forecast of closure, and since September, sources have recovered, accompanied by growth in our sought after Workplace Wellbeing and Private Practice services. This enabled us to grow our leadership team and sustain our free counselling service for local residents who are out of work or have a severe disability.

Beacon is now a critical part of the urgent support for the people of Stockport. Our COVID response and recovery work includes the development of new support, delivered through a blended mix of onsite and remote therapy. We are exploring and building partnerships with organisations, particularly to improve mental health for young people, adults at risk of suicide, and people returning to work.

Demand for our services has escalated, and remote support is now a fundamental part of our service. We continue to experiment with innovative means of support so that Beacon can increase its impact for communities across Stockport and GM.

Beacon’s Voluntary Service continues to provide free therapy to 700+ individuals annually to those who cannot otherwise afford it, many individuals of whom are out of work or with a disability.

Our aim is to build resilience in communities by supporting adults, young people and children experiencing mental distress to learn the coping skills they need to move on positively with their lives.

How you can get involved

You can support Beacon financially to help us deliver our mission and achieve our goals so that we can build resilience in Stockport and surrounding areas –  by becoming a Friend of Beacon today.

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