Stamp Out Stigma on Exhibition

The incredibly talented #StampOutStigma art work is now displayed at the Stockport Together Again Exhibition

We’re pleased to announce that a selection of the submitted #StampOutStigma 2021 art work has been picked out to be displayed at the Stockport Together Again Exhibition until 14th November 2021. The exhibition is located at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery as part of the #StockportTogetherAgain exhibition.

#SOS is a Beacon campaign to Stamp Out Sigma on mental health in young people and children, with the opportunity to give young people a voice. The #SOS 2021 campaign engaged with young individuals digitally through the COVID-19 pandemic to share what they do to make them happy and how they are looking after their wellbeing through its lockdowns.

We received over 500 pieces of incredibly talented artwork from children and young people of all ages, and worked with several primary, secondary schools and colleges in Stockport. In support of getting these voices heard, a selection of submissions have been shared on our social media and 18 carefully selected pieces were chosen by a panel of judges to be displayed at the Sockport Together Exhibition.

We thank everyone for getting involved in the campaign and have seen some incredible art work, videos and written pieces. We look forward to bringing you SOS 2022 in in February 2022.

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